Pharmacy Department


DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY It aims at teaching students the rational application of Homoeopathy through medicinal preparations as per the standard procedures. The department has a state-of-the-art laboratory with sophisticated instruments and chemicals needed to perform experiments. Various charts, C.D. etc depicting information about drugs sources are used as teaching aids. In addition to 1000sq. ft existing herbarium arrangements are in progress towards setting up a big Herbarium exclusively for medicinal plants. Macroscopic and microscopic study of plant specimens is carried out for facilitating learning. Besides dried specimens are also used for preparing herbarium sheets imparting knowledge about identification of drugs.

Pharmacy is taught during the first 1 years of the BHMS course .Two batches exist. The internees are also posted under this department for getting proper experience in dispensing medicine and they are submitting assignments. University Examination at the end of 1 years and every six month average examinations are conducted.

It is a Science by which one gains sound knowledge about the art of identification, collection, combination, preparation, preserving, compounding & dispensing medicines according to the prescription of the physician. The birth of Homoeopathic Pharmacy is the day of discovery of Homoeopathy. The excellency of Homoeopathic Pharmacy lies in exploring the latent curative powers of a substance retaining the therapeutic potential when no molecules of the original substance are left in the preparation.

The original source of Homoeopathic Pharmacy are :-

Materia Medica Pura
Organon of Medicine
Chronic Diseases, their nature & Homoeopathic Treatment


It has a philosophical background.
There is no disease but sick people.
It is based on the theory of dynamisation.
Each & every drug in Homoeopathy undergoes complete proving on healthy human beings of both sexes & of different ages.
It acts on dynamic plane.

Previously, medicines were prepared by examparaneous pharmacy till 1825 when first Homoeopathic Pharmacoepia was published by Dr. Carl W. Caspari of Germany. Official Pharmacoepia by U.S.A. Govt. published in 1941. After 1971, Govt. of India implemented its own official pharmacoepia.

A Physician can only be sure about the healing properties of a drug when it is made as pure & as perfect as possible- Dr. Hahnemann. 

  Theory classes & practical of an hours duration.
Assessment examinations are taken as per the norms of W.B. University of health Sciences.
Discussion method is used.
  Educational tours
Visit to laboratories
Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals Plants
Drug Proving
Undertaking preparation of mother tinctures, ointments
Lectures of eminent personality
Drug substance
Audio visual aid