Gynecology & Obstetrics


DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY A course of systematic instructions in the principles and practice of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infant Hygiene. Homoeopathy adopts the same attitude towards these subjects as it does towards medicine and surgery. But while dealing with obstetrical and gynecological cases, a Homoeopathic physician must be trained in special clinical methods or investigation for diagnosing local conditions and discriminating cases, there surgical intervention either as a life saving measure for removing mechanical obstacles is necessary.
The best time to eradicate familial dyscrasias in a woman or to purify the foetus of such dyscrasias which it may inherit during pregnancy is possible and this should be specially stressed.

Students should also be instructed in the case of new born. The fact that the mother and child form a single biological unit and that this peculiar close psychological relationship persists for at least the first two years of the childís life should be particularly emphasized.

The department is fully equipped with descriptive charts to help students gain information about various topics concerning the subject. Students are taught about both normal and abnormal pregnancies through models. Clinical classes for UG students are held under the supervision of experienced teachers in P.O.P.D.ís. Practical training includes antenatal and postnatal care along with the care of the newborn besides treatment of gynaecological disorders. Clinical training facility is provided in Bidhan Nagar Sub-divisional Hospital and Arambagh Sub-divisional Hospital. There are 5 beds earmarked for department of obstetrics and gynaecology in our hospital. Beside charts, models, specimens, departmental teachers also demonstrate different instruments used during operative procedures in details. In presence of teacher, specialist surgeons/doctors students are trained to handle all types of gynaeco-obstetrical problems in O.T., I.P.D. and O.P.D. Students are trained in such a way that they learn appropriate diagnostic techniques, supportive methodologies, research methodology, supervision of patients as well they must get acquaintance about their limitations.

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever Radiant possibility - Kate Douglas Wiggin. 

  The Theory classes are more demonstrated in nature with the help of flow charts, models and specimens. The practical aspect of the subject is dealt with in the Family Welfare and maternity Unit of the Hospital where the students posted learn by observing the different procedures of delivery, MTP, ceasarian and Family Planning Operations.

On the Homoeopathic side, in the OPD they are trained to manage the different gynaecological and obstetrics disorders e.g. Dysmemorrhoea, infertility, difficult labor etc, only with Homoeopathic remedies.

Assessment examinations are taken as per the norms of W.B. University of health Sciences
  Group discussions
Case studies
Clinical meeting
Lectures by eminent doctors
Audio-visual aids
Flow Charts