Organon of Medicine


DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY It has wonderful charts and a qualitative departmental library. The teachers are very much focused on developing student interest in the subject and making them aware of basis of science of Homoeopathy by providing insights into the fundamental principles. Life histories of different stalwarts of Homoeopathy are taught whose contributions have made Homoeopathy touch new heights in medical science. Scientific seminar, debate and group discussions are organized time to time. Every efforts are made from the part of teachers to create a stimulating educational environment that fosters innovation and empowers students with the highest quality of rich and commanding knowledge on fundamentals of Homoeopathy. Students get clinical training in O.P.D. & I.P.D. through clinical classes and case demonstration and practical records of which are meticulously maintained by the students.

Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy is a vital subject, which builds up the conceptual base for the physician. It illustrates those principles which when applied in practice enable the physician to obtain results, which he can explain rationally and repeats them in practice with greater competence. Focus of the education and training is to build up the conceptual base.

Homoeopathy is introduced as a complete rational system of medicine with its holistic individualistic and dynamistic approach to life, health, disease, remedy and cure. In order to achieve this study of logic, psychology and fundamentals of homoeopathy science becomes quite important.

It is imperative to have a clear grasp over Inductive-Deductive logic and its application for comprehending the fundamentals of homoeopathic science.

Our approach is holistic science demands from the homoeopathic physician to comprehend his patient as a person, his dispositional state of mind and body along with the disease process and its cause. Since we lay great emphasis on knowing the mind therefore the knowledge of psychology becomes imperative for a homoeopath.


  BHMS First year students are introduced to Discovery of Homoeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann and his life history and cardinal principles of homoeopathy along with pioneers of homoeopathy.

Second year onwards along with Theory classes students are made to attend the departmental O.P.D. for preclinical & clinical trainings. The physician, teaching staff, RMO and house staff are actively involved in training the students.

Third year students are trained in depth about the fundamental cause of disease-MIASMS and their complications. For senior final year students the emphasis is more on the practical aspect, which comprises of thorough case taking, miasmatic diagnosis, selection of potency, etc.

So, by the time students graduate as homoeopaths they attain mastery in Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic philosophy and its applicability.

Assessment examinations are taken as per the norms of W.B. University of health Sciences

The physician who is most successful is one who practices for l
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