Discipline And Duties


 Students are expected to behave with dignity and decorum and in conformity with the discipline of the College.
Any breach of discipline shall be suitably dealt with. Serious lapses of discipline and character shall render the studentís name liable to be stuck off from the roll of the College. No fees paid by the students will be refunded. The Principalís decision in this regard shall be final.
Students while studying in the College, if found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provision of Acts and Laws enforced by Government; any activity contrary to rule of discipline will be liable to be expelled from the College without any notice by Principal of the College.
Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student indulging in the act will be liable for severe disciplinary action which may lead to rustication from college and legal action also.
All fees including the tuition fees must be paid at the commencement of the session in advance.
Any student, not paying the fee in time, will have to pay a fine at the rate fixed by the college authority on the balance amount at the time of payment of fee. A student must clear all dues before appearing in the examinations.
A minimum attendance of 75% is absolutely necessary in each subject for being eligible to appear in the college or University examination.
Students should not absent themselves from duty/classes, other academic and clinical activities and examination without the prior permission of the Principal. Such absence without leave may lead to loss of term.
The Institute reserves the right to discharge any student whose progress in studies or conduct is not found satisfactory or for any other cause, during the period of study / training.
Students must take part in extracurricular activities of the college. Absence in attending the college function will be considered as an act of indiscipline and penal action/fine may be imposed on the student.
Students are advised to see College Notice Boards daily. Ignorance of any notice will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to comply with it.
Dress Code of the college will have to be followed strictly during college hours. Any student not following the same will not be allowed to attend the classes and may be fined as decided by authority.
Students found guilty of careless handling, leading to breakage or loss of any college property, books, laboratory apparatus etc., shall make good the loss at once and may in addition be fined. If any damage or breakage is not reported to the Principal, the cost will be charged from the whole class.
Every student is required to familiarize herself/himself with the rules laid down in the prospectus and also formulated and announced by the Authority from time to time.
Principal reserves the right to withhold any letters written to the students by anybody at the College address, if considered objectionable or detrimental to the interest of the college.
No meeting should be convened and no outsider should be invited to address any meeting without the written permission of the Principal within College, Hospital and Hostel premises.
If any candidate leaves the course/college midterm, he will have to deposit the complete fee for the year he is studying, i.e. 1 Ĺ years for 1st BHMS and 1 year for 2nd , 3rd and 4th BHMS.
In all matters, whether covered or not in the existing rules, the decision of the principal of this College shall be final.