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Students, who pass the final year examination will have to undergo compulsory rotating internship for a period of 12 months in the hospital in accordance with the rules and regulation of Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi. At the completion of the internship and on the recommendation of the Principal, University will issue the Degree to the student. Any student who has not attended the internship properly or who has not satisfied the head of institution with his work will not be given completion certificate and subsequently will not get degree certificate as well as registration.

All Internees will have to attend the medical camps as and when asked for. The participation in medical camp is compulsory, failing which their internship period may be extended for six months more.
Internees are given adequate stipend during their internship.



After successful completion of internship each candidate shall apply for permanent registration to Council of Homoeopathic Medicine , W. B. and Central Council of Homoeopathy and after verifying the claim they will be awarded the. Permanent registration.

Only after getting permanent registration they become registered Homoeo Medical Practitioner and are eligible to practice Homoeopathic medicine. Permanent registration is also necessary for applying for various posts under state/ union Government as well as applying for MD (Hom) course.