Library Facilities


The College provides Central Library with reading room facilities and Departmental Library.

The Library was established in 1978 to act as an aid for the development of research and training in Homoeopathy. The Library offers access to a wide range of both printed and electronic sources. The periodicals subscribed are vital sources for academic research and up-to-date medical information. A number of daily and weekly newspapers from different parts of India are also available.
The Library remains open on every working day of the college from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. It has open access. The reading room facility is made available to both inside and outside readers. Students may borrow books from the library after fulfilling the library norms. The Library also gives its reference service through direct reference tools and text service for advancement of learning.

Librarian : Payel Ghosal, M.A.B.Lis

Librarian Attendant: Sri. Subhash Chandra Santra

Library Rules :

Books of reference, text books and rare collections may not be lent out to the students.

All books taken should invariably be returned before long vacations.

Failure to return a book on the due date, student must pay a fine of Rs. 1/- per day including intervening holidays.

The marking of book with ink / pencil or causing damage to bindings, tearing of pages, damages of pictures etc are absolutely punishable offence.

If any book is lost, damaged or mutilated, the borrower shall be required to replace the book with fine or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Principal. If any student does not pay such compensation, he / she will not be allowed to appear in any Examination of College / University or any mark sheet or certificate shall not be issued to him / her.

If a book belonging to a set or series, is lost or damaged and a new volume is not separately available, the borrower shall be liable to replace the whole set or series.

The transfer or sub-lending of books are strictly prohibited.

Members against whom books are outstanding for more than three months shall not be entitled to borrow books until all books have been returned and all dues have been paid apart from usual fine. If the retention of a book beyond a period of 6 months from the date of issue without any satisfactory explanation for doing so may lead to the cancellation of membership.

Books issued through daily issue register to be returned within one day.


Clearance Certificate/Non Liability Certificate:

The students should obtain a clearance certificate from the library, to the effect that they have returned all books and cleared all dues and produce the same to enable to fill up the Form for examinations, to get Hall ticket, Certificate and T.C. from the college. The teaching and non-teaching st

Use of Library:

As the library is a place of individual study, members are requested to observe strict silence, in the library.

Use of mobile phone inside the library is not permitted. Photography/ videography inside the library is prohibited normally, but special permission can be obtained.

Smoking / tobacco chewing in any form shall not be permitted within the library hall.

Members are requested to co-operate with the librarian by observing the rules and for better use of the library, members can have the help of the staff.


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