Materia Medica


It has a rich departmental library; beautiful hard bound photographs of the various medicinal substances of vegetable, mineral & animal kingdom remedies. It also has preserved specimens of various plants in glass jars and specimens of good number of drugs in crude form, displayed in attractive containers that make the department look lively. This helps the student to view and recognize the different medicinal substances thoroughly. The department has been very active in conducting various seminars and presentations either on OHP or on the LCD projector thus helping the students in learning and developing command over the subject.

It is a study about homoeopathic remedies based on record of drug proving conducted on healthy people of all ages, both sexes & different Constitutions and at various altitudes till date. It is differently constructed as compared to other Materia Medica.

Homoeopathy considers that study of action of drugs on individual parts or systems of the body or on animals or their isolated organs as only a practical study of life process under such action and that it does not lead us to a full appreciation of the medicinal agent. The drug agent as a whole is lost sight of the essential and complete knowledge of the drug action as a whole can be supplied only by qualitative synoptic drug experiments or proving on healthy people and this alone can make it possible to view all the scattered data in relation to psychosomatic whole of a person. As it is just such a person as a whole to whom the knowledge of drug action is to be applied.

It consists of schematic arrangement of symptoms produced by each drug incorporating theories explanations and inter relationship. Each drug is studied synthetically analytically and comparatively and this alone enables a homoeopathic student to study a drug, individually and as a whole and helps him to be a good prescriber.


' The final court of appeal is Materia Medica' - Sir Boennninghausen


Drug Picture
Comparative Materia Medica
Applied Materia Medica
Clinical Materia Medica
Therapeutic Materia Medica


The broad goal of teaching homoeopathic Materia Medica to undergraduate students is to inculcate in them a rational and scientific basis of therapeutics.


The subject is an integral part of the curriculum right from first to the final year. The polychrests & most commonly indicated drugs for everyday ailments are taken at first so that in clinical classes and outdoor duties the students become familiar with their applications. The remedy is thoroughly dealt with explaining comparisons, relationships & sphere of action. The less common drugs are taught in outline emphasizing only their most salient features and symptoms. Rare drugs are dealt with lastly. Every lecturer designs a format for lectures, different methods & strategies for each new remedy.

For practical application, students from second year onwards are posted in the clinical unit of the department on a rotatory basis to develop their clinical skills. Here they learn case taking, clinical examinations, investigations, diagnosis, management and prescription.

Assessment examinations are taken as per the norms of W.B. University of health Sciences


First BHMS - Journals
Second BHMS – Charts on remedies
Third BHMS – Assignments, Therapeutics/ Transparency,/ Computer Study Materia
Final BHMS – Group Study Paper
Interns – Drug Proving

Apart from this, regular academic activity, the department organizes Guest Lectures:

Clinical meetings
Quiz contest
Poster competition
Clinical paper presentation


Software programmes on Materia Medica
Slide Projector with Slides
Video cassettes
Study papers on group study, applied HMM & seminars
Departmental Library for reference
Live Materia Medica