Mission Vision

To create a stimulating educational environment that fosters innovation and empowers students with the highest quality of rich and commanding knowledge on fundamentals of Homoeopathy. Our vision is to develop a research oriented top ranked Homoeopathic School which is nationally accredited, globally recognized and universally admired.
At the end of undergraduate programme, each homoeopathic medical student shall endeavor to be able to,
Basic objectives of education and training in a Homoeopathic institution is to prepare a competent Homoeopathic Physician who is capable of functioning independently and effectively under Rural and Urban set ups.
Learn every aspect of national policies on health and devote himself or herself to its practical implementations.
Achieve competence in practice of holistic medicine encompassing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of common diseases.
Develop scientific temper, acquire educational experience for proficiency in profession and promote healthy livings.
Become exemplary citizen by observation of medical ethics and fulfilling social and professional obligations, so as to respond to national aspirations.
Be able to appreciate the socio psychological, cultural, economic and environmental factors affecting health and develop human attitude towards the patients in discharging one?s professional responsibilities.
Posses the attitude for continued self learning and to seek further expertise or to pursue research in any chosen area of medicine.
Be familiar with the basic factors which are essential for the implementation of the National Health programmes including practical aspects of (a) Family welfare and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) (b) Sanitation and water supply (c) Prevention and control of communicable and non communicable diseases. (d) Immunization (e) Health Education.
Acquire basic management skills in the area of human resources, materials and resource management related to health care delivery.
Be able to identify community health problems and learn to work to resolve these by designing, instituting corrective steps and evaluating outcome of such measures.
Have personal characteristics and attitudes required for professional life such as personal integrity, sense of responsibility and dependability and ability to relate to or show concern for other individuals. All efforts are made to equip the medical graduate to acquire necessary skills.
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